Whanake Year 5 – 6

Whanake is a brand new team for 2017 which is energetic and future focused. We believe that learning is more effective, engaging and empowering, when it is delivered through meaningful contexts that the students have some control over. For this reason, the students are engaged in one major STEM Inquiry project each term, where teaching and learning is integrated across a range of subjects and the students take some ownership over the projects. While we aim to develop curriculum based knowledge and skills, we also place importance on developing inter-personal skills. These include the five Key Competencies, our five school values, and our four school focus areas (resilience, empathy, tenacity and self awareness).

*STEM is an acronym which represents the subject areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. It is an approach to teaching which allows for students to work across a range of disciplines to develop numeracy and literacy skills in the context of a research/design/community problem solving project that is relevant to them.

Focus Areas For September 2017:
Current Themes: -Financial Literacy/Young Enterprise -Hydroponics + Biochar -Plastic recycling -Number and Statistics -Writing to instruct and explain -Maori Language Week in Week 8
Current Goals: -Continuing to develop awareness of the value of money and the various aspects of running a small business -Continuing to accelerate progress in written language -Continued focus on respect and ensuring that students maintain a high standard of behaviour as we move into the last quarter
Teaching and /or Assessments successes for this month: -PAT testing (Reading, Vocab, Listening and Mathematics) has shown a smaller range in results – the tail come up, but the top end has receded a little. ‘Pass rates’ remain pretty good. -Camp was really successful. Kids came back buzzing after pushing the boundaries, extending themselves and working collaboratively at camp.
Trends and next steps for action: -Students are working hard on their business enterprises so that they are prepared for selling at the Term 4 Cultural Fair (budgeting, designing, producing, marketing, packaging…)
-Finding new ways of extending our top students so that they continue to progress to even higher levels of achievement
PB4L Focus: -Walking the talk when it comes to the school values. Students need to be SHOWING them consistently.
-Respect remains the key focus area

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