Haemata Year 3 – 4

Our aim is to work collaboratively as a team, to provide a meaningful learning pathway for each of our students; helping them to become confident, contributing and connected individuals well equipped to achieve their full potential both educationally and in the outside world.
Focus areas for September 2017:
Current Themes: -Plants- inquiry learning through integration. Planting, adaptations, pollination. Writing- reports and explanations. -Number focus- word problems and investigations Strand continuing measurement and statistics
– Enrichment programme continued; art, sewing, science, technology, sort and debating. -Roots of Empathy CS19. -Team trip to Auckland Botanic gardens including workshop. Maori Language Week. Had police visits 2x sessions for each class
Turbo touch sessions x 3, Have a Go day with Counties Manukau Sport, STEM PLD for team
Current goals for this month: -Steps to Literacy to run with extra support of Mrs Bullen(Well below N/S for reading and writing) – PAT data collection and analysis -Acceleration of target groups in math -Writing of reports for Y4, OTJs moderation
-CS19 trip to dairy farm.
Teaching and / or assessment successes for this month:
-PAT data collection -Writing moderation completed using Literacy Learning progressions -EOTC a success -Schoolkit gardening kit has been used by most classes
Trends and next steps: -Acceleration of target children in maths to continue and look at sustainability
-Reflecting upon our inquiry into acceleration in maths and what we have learned. Planning for 2018 -Continue of overviews for literacy and maths to feed into a two year rolling programme.
Team PB4L focus:Use of our classroom matrix to redirect students.