Haemata Year 3 – 4

Welcome to 2018 from the nearly all new Haemata team. We are looking forward to getting to know you and your children. We believe in knowing the learner and designing effective, appropriate and active learning opportunities.

Our Inquiry Topic for this term is “Belonging / Mana Whenua and Community”.
This is part of setting up a positive, productive class and team culture, for the year. We will explore belonging to a family, school, local community and then the Commonwealth. As part of understanding our local community, we will visit the Papakura Museum and Library in week 6.
The Commonwealth aspect will link to the Commonwealth Games. Each class will focus on a Commonwealth nation and investigate their arts, sports etc.
PE links to the Belonging topic through fun team building small group games, then small ball skills. Art topics also aim to express our belonging and community.
Maths this term includes statistical investigations and addition / subtraction basic facts and strategies.
Our aim is to work collaboratively as a team, to provide a meaningful learning pathway for each of our students; helping them to become confident, contributing and connected individuals well equipped to achieve their full potential both educationally and in the outside world.