Timata Year 0 – 2

The Timata Team are a dedicated group of Teachers and Akonga who are committed to scaffolding the development of happy, positive learners.

We interweave the NZ Curriculum, Key Competencies, Inquiry Learning and our School Values to teach the foundations of Literacy and Numeracy as well as developing well rounded students ready for the 21st century. We encourage independence while nurturing our students to grow and learn alongside each other. We work as a Team to guide our tamariki to be confident, connected, actively involved, lifelong learners.

Learning Focus Area this term:.
Inquiry Topic: ‘Ko wai matou?’ ‘Who are we?’.
Maths: Number knowledge and strategies, Measurement- Length & Area, Geometry- Position & Orientation.
The Arts: Visual Arts: Sketching.
Physical Education: Fundamental movement skills: Large Balls- catch, chest pass, foot dribble, kick. Fitness: Relays & Jump Jam..