Policies for Teaching and Learning

Curriculum Delivery Policy


To provide all students with high quality teaching and learning opportunities within the NZ Curriculum framework.

– To ready students for life by inspiring them to achieve their potential.

– To raise the achievement of all students.

– To achieve excellence in all that we do.

– To enhance the learning and achievement for all children at this school.

Conifer Grove School will:

1. Develop a curriculum based on children’s needs, abilities, interests and community expectations.

2. Implement the school’s curriculum by providing teaching and learning programmes based on the school’s curriculum plans and the national Curriculum Statements.

3. Establish learning programmes that provide students opportunities to achieve success in all essential learning areas.

4. Give priority to literacy and numeracy in all areas with particular emphasis in Years 1 – 4.

5. Ensure student evaluation is based on a range of assessment practices / strategies focusing on the breadth and depth of learning and focussed on achieving National Standards.

6. Analyse assessment information, monitor student progress and identify students who are not achieving, who are at risk of not achieving or who have special needs / abilities.

7. Implement appropriate programmes to address the needs of students identified in (6) above.

8. Engage the Maori community in order to identify the needs of Maori Students, and to plan for improving the achievement of these students. (refer 1.1)

9. Provide appropriate career education and guidance for all students in Year 7 and 8.

10. Use the school’s curriculum as the basis for strategic planning, and ensure that there is ongoing review (also NAG 2).

11. Report on student progress and achievement to students, parents / whanau, the Board of Trustees and the wider school community using National Standards. (refer 2.1)

Conifer Grove School is committed to a high standard of Teaching and Learning for all students.