Possible Weather Event Thursday 13th April

Dear Parents and Caregivers

Health and Safety is important to us and given the cyclone and weather system due to hit Auckland tomorrow ( the last day of the term ) we are understandably concerned about our students and staff and their health and safety through this.

At this stage the school is not closing but If parents decide to keep their children home with them as a precaution we fully understand.

We ask that all parents keep vigilant and be aware that we will be sending updates and notifications through the day on our website and through school links. This will keep you up to date with any possible situation that may occur. In the event of power failures we will text parents to keep them updated.

Kind Regards and a very Happy Easter to you all.
Janette Robertson


Good Afternoon,

We have a number of children (most particularly Junior children) who have damp uniforms due to the downpour as we came from our ANZAC assembly- As the weather is not forecast to improve this afternoon YOU ARE WELCOME TO COLLECT YOUR CHILDREN EARLY today if you wish to.

Please come to the office – but take care as we have had a flood in the office

Thank you


Public Service Notice – Mumps & Typhoid Outbreak


The Auckland Regional Public Health Service is managing a mumps outbreak in Auckland. More than 35 cases have been confirmed so far and more than half of these are occurring in children and teens aged 10-19 years. “I urge parents to check with their doctors to ensure their families’ measles mumps and rubella vaccinations are up to date. I recommend this is done before the school holidays. Vaccination is free and it will protect your child and the community,” says Medical Officer of Health Dr Michael Hale.
Mumps can spread quickly among those who are not immune, particularly in schools.

“If parents do not organise vaccination quickly, their children’s learning could be disrupted. We are in the midst of an outbreak and already large numbers of students are scrambling to catch up on school work after falling ill with mumps for several weeks,” says Dr Hale. Most people recover from mumps, but it can have serious complications. Although rare, infertility can occur. The disease can also cause inflammation of tissue surrounding the brain (meningitis), inflamed testicles or ovaries and deafness. “The best way to avoid getting an infectious disease like mumps is to ensure you are fully immunised with the MMR vaccine,” says Dr Hale.

Ten people have been hospitalised after an outbreak of typhoid in Auckland, including children. The Auckland Regional Public Health Service (ARPHS) has alerted the health sector to the outbreak and is tracing people who have been in contact with the confirmed cases.

Typhoid can be a serious illness and is potentially fatal but it can be treated with antibiotics.

Symptoms include:

a high fever developing over several days
general weakness and muscle aches.
stomach pain and constipation are also common
some people get diarrhoea.