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At this time we are carefully managing student and staff ratios. It is important we are aware of when you plan to send your child to school so we can ensure we have sufficient staff onsite.
Please fill seperate forms for each of your children at Conifer Grove School. This needs to be returned by 9am THURSDAY 7 MAY

Click on the link:

Return to school FORM

Update 4 May – Level 3 Online / Distance Learning continues for our students.

Next Week – Level 3 Online / Distance Learning continues for our students.   

Please be aware that school is only available to students that have no supervision at home.  If you require supervision for your child/ren – arrangements must be made with the school BEFORE your child/ren can attend.

Please contact us via email

We will continue to keep you updated as new announcements are made by the government in the coming weeks.

Enjoy your weekend and stay safe in your bubble!

Conifer Grove School