Teacher Appreciation Day tomorrow

We are celebrating Teacher Aide Appreciation Day this Thursday at school, it would be lovely if students could bring in a single stem flower on Thursday morning so that we can make up bouquets for our wonderful T/A’s to thank them for the fantastic work that they do.                                     Please bring your flower to the office.                          Thank you

Reporting to Parents

Reporting to Parents

Conifer Grove School is committed to building a learning partnership with our community. You as the first teacher in your child’s life have a wealth of rich information which we value. Recent events have also meant that parents have been involved in distance learning in many forms. We feel that this is a great opportunity to collaboratively develop a report that is co-constructed with the parents, children and the teacher. This report will be based on what you, your child and the teacher noticed and to develop their next goals for 2020. As a result, we would like to consult our community.

Please take the time to fill out this brief survey to help us plan for reporting.

Thank you