Whanake Year 5 – 6

Whanake Team is energetic and future focused. We believe that learning is more effective, engaging and empowering, when it is delivered through meaningful contexts that the students have some control over. For this reason, the students are engaged in one major STEAM Inquiry project each term, where teaching and learning is integrated across a range of subjects and the students take some ownership over the projects. While we aim to develop curriculum based knowledge and skills, we also place importance on developing inter-personal skills. These include the five Key Competencies, our five school values, and our four school focus areas (resilience, empathy, tenacity and self awareness).

*STEM is an acronym which represents the subject areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics. It is an approach to teaching which allows for students to work across a range of disciplines to develop numeracy and literacy skills in the context of a research/design/community problem solving project that is relevant to them.

Focus Areas this term:
Current Themes: Sustainability – What steps can WE take to move towards a more sustainable future.
Current Goals: To immerse all Whanake students in STEAM by having students work on a real-world problem, with links right across the curriculum, and input from experts from the community. Understanding the problems that industry is causing for our environment and what some groups are doing to improve this. Attempting to make a form of bioplastic which is both bio-based and biodegradable, as an alternative to traditional petroleum based plastics.
Teaching and /or Assessments successes: Ongoing formative assessment in classes to inform teaching and learning – using tools such as E-Asttle, Probe, Running Records, GloSS, ARBs; STAR testing of target students; Strategies for target students refined; activities for Sign Language Week; Trip to the Science Roadshow to support the science aspect of our STEAM programme; In-school visit from StarDome to begin Matariki celebrations; Inter-school Netball tournament; ongoing sport and fitness rotations within the team.
Trends and next steps for action: Work last term around Turangawaewae (culture and identity) was positive in fostering tolerance and understanding of others. We would like to continue this trend to see our students relating to others positively at all times. Students are becoming more involved in the STEAM approach and we will be integrating more extensively this term.
PB4L Focus:Relating to others – Continuing to develop collaboration and teamwork, through practicing the school values in all of our interactions with others.

Year 5 & 6 Whanake EOTC Term 1 2022
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