Haemata Year 3 – 4

Welcome back. Our team is settled and running well. We have a wide range of cultures, abilities and interests in each of our classrooms. Our teaching aims to include and engage all these students, We encourage partner work, small group work and lots of high interest physical activity and hands or creative work, to balance the settled routines of more formal learning.

Our Inquiry Topic for this term is “Water, H2O on the Go” with a science focus. Students will be learning about the scientific method as they carry out simple water experiments (evaporation, condensation….) record their observations and draw conclusions. Yes, they will be learning a lot of new vocabulary too. It always amazes us how well our students remember interesting new words…..it is the boring mundane words that cause more problems.

In an effort to keep costs down for families, there is no trip this term and only a small activity fee ($4 towards the cost of experiment expendables). In week 10 the free educator from Watercare will visit each class to do 1 and 1/2 hours of hands on learning about the water cycle. Watercare also returns early in term 3 to cover stormwater and wastewater.

In week 1 of Term 3 Haemata will visit MOTAT. By going in the first week we get free entry, but will need to pay for the education sessions and bus. The topic is “Toys” with a social science and technology focus. Follow up from the trip includes using limited materials to design and make a new toy. Further details and exact costs will be sent home to families in week 5, this term.

Counties Manukau Sports is providing additional weekly sports skills lessons for each Haemata class this term. Class PE is aiming to steadily build fitness as well as provide team skills opportunities and fun. The Haemata sports equipment trolley is now out each break time. Student monitors issue equipment (balls, hoops, skipping ropes) to enable Haemata kids to informally use their new skills and to keep busy. We also have a giant draughts set many students like to use.

The maths focus this term is multiplication / division and the strand topic is time. Year 3 will start with skip counting, then do 2, 5 and 10 times tables. Time will cover telling time in digital and traditional form, developing understanding of seconds, minutes, hours and the use of days, weeks, months and years.

We look forward to chatting with you and your children in week 9, during 3 Way Conferences. We are also happy to talk with you after school if you have any questions or concerns.

Kind regards, Dianne, Louise, Manna, Lucy and Olivia – Haemata Team.