Enrolment Information

How do I enrol my child at Conifer Grove?


Please complete the enrolment process approximately six (school) weeks before your child turns five.

If your child is turning five over December, January and February, then please complete the enrolment by the end of November for a start date in the following year.

Please bring in to the school office the following items:

1) Birth Certificate or Passport – for your child

2) Immunisation Certificate – for your child (in the back of well child book)

as well as

3) Two forms of verification of permanent residence at your in zone address in the form of:

current rates account (in your name) or original sale and purchase agreement or official rental agreement or

Proof of Ownership ie rates account from landlord or contact information for the owner of the property.  


current electricity account or

water account or

home phone account.

(This account needs to show your given names and address)

At the time of enrolment you will be asked to confirm in zone resident status for your family – the School Board of Trustees retains the right to investigate eligibility of enrolment and may require further evidence before enrolment takes place.

You will then be asked to complete:

– a school enrolment form, MOE early childhood survey

– a dental enrolment form


arrange two pre-school visits (New Entrant students) for you on Wed afternoons from 1.30-3pm.

All students are required to be dressed  in full school uniform and have correct Stationery on commencement.   Uniforms are available for purchase from The Warehouse, Takanini, the school has a limited stock of uniform items at a discounted price – please enquire.  Stationery Packs are available for purchase from Warehouse Stationery, Takanini, with New Entrant Stationery Packs available for purchase from the school office.

You will be given an Information Booklet about the school.

The Board of Trustees have the right to withdraw and annul your enrolment should you make a false declaration in regard to your enrolment details and proof of address.

Out of Zone Enrolments – The school is not currently accepting applications for Out of Zone students.

Enrolment Zone


Enrolment Zone for Conifer Grove School (refer to the area outlined in red on the map + Waiata Shores Development)

Also includes Conifer Grove Side of the Great South Road (odd numbers only – between Challen Close and Una Place)

Boundaries are:

Starting at the intersection of Una Place and Great South Road, travel north west along the centre of Great South Road (1,219, odd numbers only included) past the Manuaku Golf Course (included) to the Papakura Stream Bridge, follow Papakura Stream south west to the coast line, and follow the coastline south then east, towards Conifer Grove Esplanade Reserve.  Continue north east to Una Place, and back to starting point.

Enrolment Scheme