Reporting to Parents

Year 0-3 Students


The Ministry of Education require us to report on progress and achievement for students on the Anniversary of their time at school. For example:

After 1 year at school , After 2 years at school, After 3 years at school (then in a calendar year for Year 4-8 students). This is usually on a child’s birthday but sometimes may fall after a birthday depending on the 5 year old start date.

If a child’s anniversary is in March, then the next report they have had in the past years is usually in June/July – therefore we feel the information is somewhat out of date and doesn’t truly reflect where the child is in their achievement.

In 2016 Year 1 – 3 students will have a report on / around their anniversary of time at school and then a progress report six months later.

At the time of the Anniversary report, an interview time will be arranged to discuss this Report, National Standards, Learning Maps, Progress, Where to next and How you can help at home.

This interview will be arranged by the class teacher, and will be 10-15 minutes long, either before school, after school 3.15-5pm or at a mutually agreed time.

It is important that students attend (in school uniform) to encourage student voice and responsibility for learning. Our five year olds are able to voice their learning pathways and next steps so it’s important they are included at an early age.

The National Standards cycle from the Ministry of Education is 1st March to the 1st March in the next year. So if your child started school in March 2015 they will have a report and an interview in March 2016, followed by a Progress Report in September. (refer to the grid below for months)

Year 0-1 students will receive a Six Week Report and Interview after starting school, then a six month Progress Report after they have been at school for six months.  They will then have their next report and interview after one year at school.


Anniversary Report and Graph Interview Report Only (next 6 months)
January December December July
February December  End February August
March March March September
April April April October
May May May November
June June June December
July July July December
August August August December
September September September March
October October October April
November November November May
December December December June


Year 4-8 Students


Mid Year Reporting Learning Conferences 3 & 5 July 2017 1pm – 6pm

All students will leave early on these days.

Year 4 to 8 students will attend (in school uniform) Learning Conferences with  Parents, this is a student lead conference where students will discuss their co-constructed reports to parents.



-reporting on assessments

-learning and progress against National Standards

-where to next

-Learning Maps

-How we can all work together to enhance learning

Students will take home documents showing levels and achievements,


End of Year Reporting  


All Year 4 to 8 students will receive a report on the last day of the school year showing achievement and progress against National Standards.


Additional Information

Reporting to Parents

 Learning Maps  Link to learning maps;

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