Reporting to Parents

Year 0-1 Students


The Ministry of Education require us to report on progress and achievement for students.

Year 0-1 students will receive a Six Week Report after starting school, and a Parent/Teacher Conference.  Following this, reporting will a Progress & Achievement Report at Mid Year and End of Year.  This conference will be arranged by the class teacher, and will be 10-15 minutes long, either before school, after school or at a mutually agreed time.

It is important that students attend (in school uniform) to encourage student voice and responsibility for learning. Our five year olds are able to voice their learning pathways and next steps so it’s important they are included at an early age.


Year 1-8 Students


Mid Year Reporting Learning Conference & Co-constructed Report

All students will be involved in co-constructing their mid year report with their class teacher, outlining their learning goals, strengths and next steps towards their achievement of these goals and general comments.

Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences will take place at this time, Parents/Caregivers will have the opportunity to book a time to meet with the class teacher on this day.

End of Year Reporting Learning Conference & Report 

All students will receive a report in the last week of the school year showing achievement and progress.

Parent/Teacher Conferences will take place in term 4.  Parents will have the opportunity to book a time to meet with the class teacher on this day.


Additional Information

The class teacher may contact Parents/Caregivers regarding the child’s learning during the term.  Should you have any concerns please do not hesitate to make contact with the teacher to discuss this.

Reporting to Parents

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