Parent FAQs

Will I be able to come to school to be with my child in the classroom?


You are welcome to drop your child at his/her

classroom but you do need to leave by 8.45am.

Children settle quicker with peers and teacher and soon become involved in the dynamics of class time.


What happens at interval (play time)?


When is it?

The children sit to eat their morning tea and then have free time to play.


11 – 11.45am.


What are the arrangements for eating lunch?


Lunchtime is at  1.15 – 2pm – the children eat their lunch sitting with their class for 15 minutes, then have time to play.


What should my child wear to school?


We have a school uniform and all students are required to wear this daily.  Uniforms are available from the Warehouse at Takanini Village. The school has a limited supply of various items and sizes of uniform items – orders can be placed at the office.  School hats and caps are sold at the school office.

Shoes are required – these must be black, leather look with socks or black *sandals in the summer months.

School hats are compulsory in Terms 1 & 4. (will continue to be available for purchase from the School Office)


Can my child bring a cell phone to school? Students are not permitted to use cellphones at school, if your child brings a cellphone to school they should hand it in to the school office for safe keeping during the day.  Electronic devices, ipods, cameras, toys etc are not permitted at school.

The school accepts no responsibility for the safety of valuable articles at school.

Where do I buy the school stationery from?


Stationery for each year group is supplied by the school in 2021.


What should I do if I need to leave a message for my child, or deliver lunches?






If the event of you running late we would recommend you “arrange a place to meet” with your child.

To leave an urgent message, either phone the office (before 2pm) or call in at the office and the office staff will endeavour to pass the message on for you.

Please drop lunches, and any other items you want to pass on to your child, at the office for collection by your child.

When will my child know about their class for next year? All students are informed in the last week of the school year and have an opportunity to visit that class and meet their new teacher for the next year.

How do I address any concerns / complaints I may have?

  Most concerns can be resolved informally by discussions with the people concerned – please see flowchart below:
CGS ConcernsComplaintsFlowchart