Health and Safety

What happens if there is an emergency?


The administration staff will contact you immediately – it is important to keep contact numbers up to date.


How does the school contact parents in the event of a whole school emergency of concern? The school will text and email a message to all Caregivers stating that there is an emergency situation at the school – any updates thereafter will be posted on our school website – please do not contact the school as we will not be in a position to answer your call. (It is important that we have current mobile numbers on record)


How does the school make sure that children are safe and happy?


The School has high expectations in regards to behaviour and demonstrating the values.

Students are encouraged to tell adults about any incidents that hinder safety, happiness and well being.


What happens if my child gets sick?


The administration staff will ring you to collect your child from the Sick Bay.


What happens if my child is too sick to attend school?  How do I let the school know my child will not be at school on a particular day? Please ph 299 7490 or 0800242255 and leave a message, giving us your child’s name, room and a brief reason for their absence or email us or via the skool loop App
What will the school do if my child has an unexplained absence? The school will send you a text informing you and asking that you make contact.


What happens if my child is late to school? Pupils must sign in at the office and be given a late pass, before going into class.


What arrangements should I make for getting my child to school in the morning?


You should arrange to have your children at school in plenty of time before school starts – no later than 8.45 please.

As your child gets older you may let them walk or cycle to School – this helps with their independence.


What arrangements should I make for collecting my child after school? After year 1, let them meet you at the gate, or at a designated sport – this clears congestion at the gate.


Where are the toilets? 

What are the rules about using the toilets during class time?

Toilets are in every classroom block area.  Each teacher will have different rules for using the toilet but children are able to use the toilet during class time.


Can my child ride their bike/scooter to school? Yes, your child may ride to school but they must have a safety helmet and we advise that bikes and scooters should be locked in our bike racks. Children under 10 years of age need to be well supervised to and from school. Students are required to walk their bikes through the school grounds, and across the crossings, and over the motorway bridge before continuing to ride.
What is the school’s policy on administration of medicine? Parents are more than welcome to use the sick bay at school at any to administer medicine. The office staff will call your child to the office for this.
What is the school’s policy on behaviour?










Retention of Property

The staffs are committed to a positive approach.  We have standards of behaviour that children are aware of, appropriate to the child’s age and ability of understanding.

Students who display poor behaviour will be withdrawn from privileges and the playground.

When these standards are not met the school will make contact with Parents and an interview may be requested to discuss the issues.

In the case of severe disobedience, poor behaviour or dangerous behaviour, a suspension or a period of ‘stand down’ may occur and the BOT may be involved in resolving the issues.


Retention of Property

Surrender and retention applies to items and devices that are:

  • likely to endanger safety

    Depending on the circumstances, this category could include scissors, spray cans, sharp objects, drugs, or any ordinary items used in an aggressive or inappropriate way, for example, a pencil case swung at another student.

    In the case of digital devices, it is stored or displayed digital information that could endanger emotional or physical safety. This information could be emails, texts, social media posts, digital photos uploaded to the internet, or music or video clips.

  • likely to detrimentally affect the learning environment

    This is anything that disrupts the flow of teaching and learning. It may include any item or device, that while harmless in itself, is used in an annoying or attention seeking (and therefore disruptive) way, such as:

    • items that students have been told not to bring to school, for example, trading cards, toys, etc.
    • ordinary items used inappropriately, such as pens being continually clicked on and off deliberately
    • information (as above) on a digital device
    • items with disputed ownership.
  • harmful

    Any item deemed to pose an immediate threat to a person’s physical or emotional safety is harmful. This includes the prohibited items below. This is the only category that may warrant a search.

At all times, staff members must use their judgement about whether an item or device fits into these categories, considering the circumstances.

At Conifer Grove School the following items are prohibited:

  • items, such as:
    • knives and other weapons
    • alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and other substances
    • cigarette lighters and matches
    • vaporisers (vapes) and vaping products
    • pornographic or offensive material
  • devices, such as cellphones, laptops, or other electronic devices used inappropriately. (See our digital technology and cybersafety section.)

Students may be unaware of a problem with the item or their behaviour and may require an explanation of the problem and possible consequences. Staff members must use their judgement in deciding whether to ask a student to surrender an item, or to invoke the school or class behaviour management plan instead.

If a student refuses to surrender an item, the behaviour management plan applies.

If a staff member believes or has reasonable grounds to suspect that a student has a harmful item in their possession, the staff member requires the student to surrender or reveal the item. If the student denies possession of the item or refuses to surrender it, there may be grounds for a search of the student’s outer clothing and/or school bag, desk, or other property. Any search is conducted according to the school’s search guidelines and only by an authorised staff member.

In most cases, surrendered items are available for collection at the end of the day.

Depending on the item and the circumstances, items may be retained for a period or disposed of. Reasonable care is taken of retained items and details are kept of any item retained for two or more school nights. Details include the date, name of student, name of staff member, and any other relevant details.

Depending on the situation, further action may be taken, including behaviour management, counselling, contact with parents, and/or contact with the police.


What is the school’s policy re the internet? Our students are taught and expected to be responsible internet ‘users’ and Year 3-8 students and their Caregivers will be asked to sign a Cyber Safety agreement prior to any use of the internet at school.

Under no circumstances will ICT be used by pupils of this school to facilitate behaviour which is either inappropriate in the school environment, or illegal.

Any incidents involving breach of the use agreement or misuse of ICT, will be followed up as per our Internet Policy – student withdrawal from using equipment.


What is the school’s policy about graffiti? We have a Zero Tolerance to graffiti / tagging on school property clothing, books etc.


Can my child wear jewellery to school? Children should not wear scarves, jewellery, nail polish, or makeup. The exemption of a watch and one set of small stud earrings is permitted.


What is the school’s policy about hair ‘styles’? Extreme hair colouring, shaved patterns/words (hair carving), and Mohawk hair styles, dreadlocks etc are not accepted at school.

Students are expected to tie long hair back, for both boys and girls, as a health and safety measure.  Headbands to be in school uniform colours.