Before and After School Care

Great Times LogoThe ‘Great Times Out of School Care’ programme operates Monday to Friday. Children are cared for in a safe, healthy and stimulating environment where their needs are met and their learning is fostered. All children are treated with dignity and respect. Contact Trish Le Prou, Ph 0275180077 The programme runs in the following format:


Before School Care
7.00am – 8.30am

Breakfast included up to 8am
Drop off to class for new entrant children.


Children arrive from class.

Record of attendance and locate late comers.


Time to catch up with friends, relax, play, and unwind.


A nutritious afternoon tea of sandwiches, biscuits and juice is offered.


Children are placed in homework groups with a staff member overseeing that homework is completed and offering help where required. Children without homework will be given a worksheet or encouraged to read quietly, providing quiet time for those needing to complete set school homework. Great Times staff endeavor to aid children to complete their homework in the time available. However, it is the parents responsibility to check that all homework is completed and up to date.


Set Activity and Free Time (Inside or Out)


Tidy Up Time


Organised group games.

Friday afternoons are homework free.
Oct 22 Holiday Programme