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School Expectations

Entering the school during the school day:

9:00am – 3:00pm is learning time in classrooms – adults coming on-site during the school day must report to the office, please do not enter classrooms during this time.

If you need to collect your child during the day for an appointment, please inform the school office prior to pick up, as it is difficult to locate students during break times.

Uniform Expectations:

Students are expected to be wearing correct uniform at all times (including black shoes and hat)

If your child is not wearing correct uniform (please send a note with them to be excused) and your child can collect a Non Uniform pass from the office.

If your child does not have their school hat they will only be permitted to play under the shade areas when outside.

School Uniform is available from the Warehouse, Takanini (including bucket hats/caps)

Please see this link for correct uniform guidelines

Thank you

Conifer Grove School